Africa Missions works all over Africa with various chapters working in specifically assigned regions and countries. Africa Missions Canada has the primary assignment of working to support the work in East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Seychelles. Africa Missions Canada also supports some of the work in Nigeria.

The task of liberating Africa from the claws of Satan cannot be taken with levity. An all-prong approach must be employed. This is why we shall attack diseases, poverty and ignorance in our attempt to reach the peoples of Africa for the Lord Jesus Christ. – Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye (Matron).

Africa Missions Global mandate is being presented and carried out under the following initiatives: Compassion, Social action and Church/Missionary support.


  • SavEAfrica: Increase capacity building projects in line with soul winning mostly in the rural areas.
  • RestorEAfrica : Engage subject matter experts in leading projects in their areas of specialization
  • Carry out effective feasibility studies before commencement of projects

Social Action

  • FreEAFRICA: Increase volunteer pool
  • Get more buy-in from pastors
  • Find more ways of raising funds through owning business ventures or the like
  • Corporate funding by partnering with Christian-based organizations
  • Get a form of registration/exemption with/from operating countries to ease the movement of funds, goods and currency

Church/Missionary Support

  • Increase support for missionaries and their families on ground
  • Help missionaries and their families to settle in their new environment.
  • Focus on projects in countries where there are no RCCG parishes for the purpose of establishing RCCG parishes.

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