Building Project! – Arise & Build!

One of the goals of this community based church is to work closely with the Community, the Municipality, Government Agencies, Organizations and individual families to build a safe and morally sound environment for today and future generations.

As a consequence of being in a big city such as Calgary, cost and availability of accommodation for our services and community outreach programs have been very challenging. The Parish therefore began exploring the option of securing a permanent place for our services and programs as alternative to the high renting and leasing. In late 2016, after several unsuccessful others, the Church purchased a space on Edmonton Trail NE to the glory of God, with down-payment and equity contribution made through giving and contributions of Church members.

Having gone through all the required approval process with regulatory authorities, we have now recently secured building permit to re-construct the 3,000 square foot space into a multi-purpose center. When completed, it will have a Worship/Concert Hall, Conference Hall for meetings, training, conferences, etc., Children and Skills Acquisition Center for new immigrants, amongst others.

Appeal for Support from Fellow Believers and Ministries/Organizations!

Reconstruction cost is estimated at approximately $0.9m (nine hundred thousand Canadian Dollars). While as usual members are doing their best to raise the required equity contribution of between $200,000 to $270,000 required by the lending bank, we are appealing and reaching out for support in donations and contributions to help the Church embark on and complete this project by the end of the year 2017.

Will you partner with the Lord by supporting us through your donations and contributions to build a place of worship to the Lord and a place to better serve our community? If yes, kind click on the link


  • Cheque in favour of RCCG King of Glory Chapel hand delivered or posted to the church mailing address – P.O. Box 47136 Creekside, Calgary AB T3P 0B9 or
  • Interac to (and kindly reach us to provide the secret password)

For all givers and supporters of this project and the work of the ministry at large, we shall continue to remember you in prayers unto our God. For Canadian residents, a tax deductible tax receipt shall be issued.

God bless you and make a way for you as you arise and build for the Lord.

“The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build” Neh. 2:20

Enquiries and Questions

If you have any questions or would like more information about this project and the Church, please contact us on phone 587-969-4800/587-580-5490 or e-mail